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I’ve been writing since June of 2012, when my friend Abigail convinced me to do Camp NaNoWriMo with her. I started this page to keep track of where I am with my gazillion and one projects. For more information about each one, you can click on the title.

Current Projects:



    •  Current Stage – Waiting
    • Genre – YA Fantasy
    • Began Drafting: 04/30/16
    • Finished Drafting: 06/04/16
    • First Draft: 60,526 words

An orphan girl fights to keep her family of orphans together, battling hunger, money troubles, and a government that wants to make it impossible for them to stay together.

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    •  Current Stage – Revising
    • Genre – YA Fantasy
    • Began Drafting: 05/15/15
    • Finished Drafting: 09/03/15
    • First Draft: 64,523 words
    • Began Revising: 03/20/16
    • Finished Revising: 05/08/16
    • Second Draft: 76,472 words

A princess anonymously sent from her castle, a boy who was exiled from the country that wants to kidnap her, and their race against time as they fight to keep her from being forced to marry.

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The Initiative

    •  Current Stage – Waiting
    • Genre – YA Superheroes
    • Began Drafting: 12/26/16
    • Finished Drafting: 03/19/16
    • First Draft: 68,168 words

Telepathy Girl and Superstrength Dude have broken powers, and they hate them. When they find out there’s an organization of superheroes that can help them fix their powers, it’s life-changing – and then the organization is blown up, leaving them to do what they can in the rubble that’s left behind. Can they rescue the kidnapped superheroes – including Julia’s brother – before they’re all killed? Or will their broken powers stop them from saving those who matter most to them?

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Shelved Projects:


    • Current Stage – Shelved
    • Genre – YA Fantasy
    • Began Drafting 03/14/14
    • Finished Drafting 12/10/14
    • First Draft: 59,068 words

Lady Megan Steveson, heir to the Steveson lands, goes against her father’s wishes to train as a grimsai, a dragon fighter, so she can help defend her lands against the dragon attacks that grow more frequent every day.

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    • Current Stage – Waiting
    • Genre – YA Fantasy
    • Began Drafting 01/27/15
    • Finished Drafting 05/14/15
    • First Draft: 76,338 words

A Prince. A girl. A magical form of True Love. And enemies who would love to exploit it to take over the Kingdom.

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