Short Stories

When I’m between novels, I like to write short stories to keep myself in the writing mood, and because I think they’re fun. I pick a random prompt off the internet and roll with it. There’s not usually a plot – it’s just 2-5 thousand words of character development and usually two characters being adorable together. As someone once told me, “your short stories are 110% fluff, and I love it.” So if you’re in the mood for a meet-cute or two, or coffee dates, or internet friends meeting in real life, you might like some of these.

Librarian Prompt – Books and coffee dates.
Internet Friends Prompt – A knight in shining armor rescuing the fair maiden from a rude customer, internet friends meeting in real life, and kissing.
Zoo Prompt – Having a really cute guy find your lost little brother almost makes losing your brother worth it, right?